A woman stood up and said ‘I have a story to share’...  She points to a man sitting among many others - “That is my husband… he’s been suffering for last 20 years…”

All eyes shift to the man.  He looks around the room with awkwardness. They others gasp in surprise, they’ve known the couple all their lives. “And with him, I too…” she continues…



“… surprising, inventive, skilful - Pulse

"Phenomenal performance… A powerful and moving piece that will resonate with many.." - Audience



Performed / 21 Nov  2019 / Dance Woking Rhoda Mcgaw Theatre, Woking 


Kathak & Choreography: Amina Khayyam

Kathak music arrangement:Debasish Mukherjee & Amina Khayyam

Electronic scoreStuart Walton


Performers: Jane Chan, Kamila Lewandowska, Vlad Troncea & Amina Khayyam

Musicians:Debasish Mukherjee (tabla), William Rees Hoffman (sarod), Alastair Morgan (cello) 

Song Tumhim Meri Mundeer recording:Lucy Rahman

Voice Overs: Sandeep Garcha,  Amerjit Deu


Dramaturge & Creative Producer: Hardial S. Rai

Lighting Design:PJ Davy & Paul MIcah

Production: Paul Micah & Suneeda Maruthiyil

Costume Design: Florence Meredith

Photography: Simon Richardson


Outreach: Fateha Begum, & Ishrat Ahmed (for Liaise)


Made at Brunel Arts with support from the Arts Council of England, & zeroculture/ Artta.


Developed from workshops with women’s groups in  London (Tower Hamlets), Birmingham, Luton and Woking,   Workshop programme supported by Feminist Review Trust,  Postcode Lottery & Awards For All.  For the Woking story,  AKDC worked with several groups including Liaise Womens Centre and Anand Milan



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