Does everything really begin with one or is it that everything ends with one?

A new reworking sensitised by the global refugee issue, Amina Khayyam returns to the fundamental principle of Indian philosophy and classical arts of the cyclic phenomenon, where there is no beginning nor an end, to propose that we are all but refugees of time undermining how we become territorial of our habitat.


Incorporating Nritta (pure dance) and Nritya (expression of narrative), the kathak takes you on a memorable journey, through the use of costume, movement, space and music to capture the first beat of time and nest it until it becomes the ‘one’ again.


Acccompanied by an ensemble of highly reputable musicians, Debasish Mukherjee (tabla), Lucy Rahman (vocals), Alastair Morgan (Cello)


Previous versions included Tarun Jasani on sarod

Tour: 2010/12 / Paris, Kolkata , Delhi, UK (Leeds, London, Birmingham, Brighton)

On the making of ONE

One was created from the urge to present classical Kathak, with live accompaniment. Although, the piece is based on classical repertoire, its presentation is stylized to a contemporary sensibility to suit audiences of today.- Amina Khayyam


2017 Dates