Amina Khayyam Dance Co is a professional touring dance–theatre company that uses the south Asian dance Kathak as the core narrative in making new work in collaboration with the marginilised female voice, adding to it other media and forms such as theatre, live art, and technology.

AKDC treats Kathak as a contemporary form and thereby transcends any ‘classical’ or ‘modern’ precepts to its approach. It believes the dance form is evolving with progressions demanded by the contemporary zeitgeist, in the same way it did so from the demands of the Mughals, the last time it took a major step forward. At its heart, Kathak is a storytelling form. With its rich history, it is uniquely placed and equipped to tell new and urgent stories of global importance.

Based in UK, the Company is particularly concerned with issues that affect marginalized women, not just from the mainstream but from within their own communities.  It is from there that it draws its inspiration to tell stories as well as to shape its process  - embedded in extensive work-shopping that empower and stake hold women in the work.