​AKDC launches Children’s Storytelling!

In keeping to our core approach to Kathak as a storytelling dance form, we launch this week a new children’s show - with an original story - “People who Live in the Skies”, to be showcased this Saturday at the StoryLand Festival of Storytelling.
People in the Skies - a poignant story for young audiences concerning the environment has been developed using Kathak’s vocabulary and will be performed by Olwen Sisupalan, Rosalind Francis and Jana Randler.
Appearing along AKDC will be world-renowned storyteller Seema Anand, with whom Amina Khayyam has collaborated before.
We are also planning to develop our children’s activities by starting Kathak classes for 7-11 years old. More details will follow as well as a dedicated Kids zone on this site..