Debasish Mukherjee


One of the few tabla players who is known for his versatility, Debasish hails from a family of tabla and music traditions, he started receving his training from his father, the late renowned tabla exponent Pandit Kanai Mukherjee of Benares gharana. Debasish has performed at many prestigious festivals throughout India and abroad. He has developed his own style, which is unique and highly praised everywhere by accompanying musicians as well as listeners. Debasish believes that tabla is not just a percussion instrument but a musical instrument, which has melody as well as rhythm. He has performed with great artists like legendary Pandit Birju Maharaj, Pandit V.G.Jog, Ustad Bahadur Khan, Pandit Rajan Mishra and Shajan Mishra. Debasish regularly performs with Amina Khayyam.