Jane Chan


A choreographer and dance artist trained in Chinese classical, Chinese folk, contemporary, ballet, wing chun and kathak who works in the intersections of choreography, performance, teaching and change instigation. Jane is a member of Amina Khayyam Dance Company since 2014. Independently, Jane is one of the artists of colour steering group at Chisenhale Dance Space, the London Correspondent for dancejournal/hk, a member of Overture 2019/20, Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures, a mentor for Arts Emergency and founder of Passion Project, a teaching initiative that aims to share the joy and benefits of movement to non-dance professionals, immigrant women group, older adults with and without dementia.


Jane’s works aim to act as catalysts, to invite as many people to a wider conversation about identity, race, collective experience and multiculturalism in contributing to the arts and culture sector by leaving a legacy for our next generation through her being, presence and practices aimed at dismantling, re-distributing and reconstructing the hierarchy of power alongside other people of colour and marginalised communities. Jane has recently been invited to write an article on Race and Racism on UK’s Contemporary Dance by Contemporary Dance and Whiteness research group.