Yerma Outreach

The Yerma Outreach project delivers series of participatory workshops for young people and adults in selected towns with a view to widen audience engagement; in particular reaching audiences from South Asian and Muslim communities who may not be accessing artistic and cultural opportunities in their local area.

The workshops led by company performers aim to:

  • Provide a safe environment for art-based approaches to explore and make connections to the issues raised in the performance through dance/movement and storytelling
  • Increase access to local cultural venues and participation in artistic activities.
  • Discussion around themes of the Performance

We offer:
Community Groups/Centres: 2-6 workshop packages structured over pre and post performance and ca lead to a sharing performance.
Schools: 2 workshops for schools (one pre and one post performance).
FE Colleges/Performing art schools: Performance and workshops, which may also include a Q and A between students and performers.

See below for example of a successful outcome of our Outreach residency.