The Hum In My Heart

A new kathak dance project for 2019, The Hum in My Heart  explores the mental health issue of ‘depression’ amongst south Asian women. In many south Asian languages, there is no word to describe depression; where there may be some form of proxy translation, it is largely unused due to shame associated with it. However, a growing number of women from these heritages in British inner cities are showing symptoms and are now slowly beginning to confront its social stigma.


The project was conceived in 2014 during Amina’s workshops with St Hilda’s Women’s Centre in the neighbourhood of Rich Mix – Tower Hamlets (East London) for the production of Yerma, when the subject was often expressed. Since then, AKDC has found it common in a number of other ‘localities’ – where the company has now established partnerships for its development.


The Hum in My Heart  will use kathak as the main core of movement but adding to it a visceral soundscape made from video projection, elements of image capture motion and live music – south Asian and European instrumentation – sarod, tabla, cello and vocals.


Its design will incorporate the collaborative relationship with the women with whom the piece is made – for instance, a ‘batik’ installation as a backdrop, or a derived movement.


The project is being made as site-specific in four regions – East London, Woking, Luton and Birmingham. Each region will have its own story and be performed only in that locality.


Woking - 21 - Nov /2019

Luton   -  12/13 - Feb /2020