She never wears make up. She never goes out. She never wears her hair down... and she never wears a red shaari… Walk away, walk away now...

Amina Khayyam in collaboration with artist
Ajay Kumar.
Music by Faheem Mazhar.
Story by Amina Khayyam 
Selected for ROH2 Firsts 2007, 

Laal Shaari is a compelling tale of a woman denied the most important thing as a young bride – a Laal Shaari (a red dress). 

The production explored the theatricalisation of the classical Indian dance form of Kathak, rethinking it through a process of deconstruction of tatkar, bhav and abhinaya, and engaged a sceneography working with the notion of emptiness as presence.
Tour - 2007
@ MAC 16th March 2007
@ ArtsDepot – 23rd Mar 2007

@ROH2 – Nov 3rd 2007