With standing ovations, rave reviews, and challenging Q&As, we share some more captured moments on the road, of tech runs and rehearsals to share of the recent Netherlands tour on our Facebook page 
We thank all involved in particular - Leo Spreksel of Korzo and the Indian Dance Festival who said of Yerma   --  “Intense performance that gets under your skin. A very interesting combination of Kathak, western movement techniques and live music that we don’t see very often in our festival.” 
And big thanks to JG Baggerman and Lucienne van der Mijle of GPAG  “The work of Amina Khayyam challenges big issues of today’s society, especially where they concern (mis)treatment of women. Heavy subjects that never become pathetic or “over expressed” during the show.  We hope that the tour with Yerma in Holland will be the beginning of a long and fruitful co-operationn between Amina Khayyam Company and GPAG.” 
And in case you missed the reviews - http://www.theaterkrant.nl/recensie/yerma/amina-khayyam-dance-company/