Amina Khayyam Dance Co is a professional touring dance–theatre company that uses the south Asian dance Kathak as the core narrative in making new work in collaboration with the marginilised female voice, adding to it other media and forms such as theatre, live art, and technology.

AKDC treats Kathak as a contemporary form and thereby transcends any ‘classical’ or ‘modern’ precepts to its approach. It believes the dance form ...(more)




AKDC company dancer Jane Chan shares her account of the ONE collaboration between Amina Khayyam and Belen Maya in Laroles – Me Vuelves Lorca Festival 

The long anticipated collaboration of ONE between Amina Khayyam and Belen Maya began as the company travels from London to Laroles. After two flights from London to Madrid, Madrid to Granada and a long two hour drive weaving along the Lorca mountains as the sun set, we finally arrived in a beautiful village full of white houses with fig, almond…

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Collaboration with Belen Maya / Me Vuelves Lorca Festival 


This weekend the company journeys deep into Lorca’s mountains of Andalusia to begin an exciting and ambitious collaboration exploring kathak’s connection with roma/flamenco for the Me Vuelves Lorca Festival.  

Amina Khayyam will lead her company of musicians Debasish Mukherjee, Lucy Rahman, Alastair Morgan with Jane Chan on ‘paranth’ and joined by the very talented and versatile guitarist Guiliano Modarelli, to work with roma flamenco star Belen Maya, who will be joined by flamenco vocalist Noelia la…

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Delighted and proud to receive Feminist Review Trust funding 

We are delighted and proud to be awarded funding from the Feminist Review Trust for a workshop programme of a new project – ‘The Hum In My Heart’ - exploring mental health amongst south Asian women particularly from the Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities in inner cities of Luton, East London, Birmingham and Woking.


The Company will provide non-threatening ‘environments’ to encourage women to share experiences, feel the presence of one another and become aware of each other’s inner-most senses and…

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ONE summer dates  

Following recovery from shoulder surgery Amina Khayyam is back on the road for a short stint of dates of her intimate piece ONE which also sees a unique and exciting collaboration of Kathak and Roma/Flamenco with acclaimed artist Belen Maya this August in the 'Lorca' mountains of Andalusia, Spain.

23 May  – South St Arts, Reading   
31 May  – Brunel Arts, Uxbridge




Autumn 2018

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