ONE tour ends in praise… 

The 2018 tour of ONE came to an end last week at Luton Library Theatre to overwhelming praise  



"..thank you for another utterly stunning performance ..evoked so many emotions" 

"A tour de force .. a revolutionary performance...

"Stunning performance... What clarity of movement, what artistry from the musicians and Amina, Astonishing!" 

"Very, very occasionally there is a performance where the boundaries of the form are transcended and where there are subtleties and stories and emotions portrayed in a way you have never seen before" 



"With a strong abhinaya, Khayyam can reference emotive depths that span from sheer joy to deep sorrow, showing intense artistic negotiation between movement and intention. We cannot but yearn to encounter her again". Pulse 


Amina has evolved ONE’S narrative on several occasions since it first premiered at the Musee D' Branly, Paris to explore various current topics, 

No doubt the piece will return in the future for Amina to shape further statements 

Meanwhile,  AKDC will shortly be announcing 2019 tour dates for A Thousand Faces and new project Hum in My Heart