Delighted and proud to receive Feminist Review Trust funding

We are delighted and proud to be awarded funding from the Feminist Review Trust for a workshop programme of a new project – ‘The Hum In My Heart’ - exploring mental health amongst south Asian women particularly from the Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities in inner cities of Luton, East London, Birmingham and Woking.


The Company will provide non-threatening ‘environments’ to encourage women to share experiences, feel the presence of one another and become aware of each other’s inner-most senses and states. At their disposal, they will have the freedom to use any artistic form - dance sequences, story tableaux, textile or film/digital work, self authored or made with our participation, which would be to facilitate, guide and support the process using our company of professional performers and storytellers with digital capacity, From these experiences, fears and aspirations, AKDC will make a full length production of ‘The Hum in My Heart' to tour in 2019/20.