Amina Khayyam Dance Co is a professional touring dance–theatre company that uses the south Asian dance Kathak as the core narrative in making new work in collaboration with the marginilised female voice, adding to it other media and forms such as theatre, live art, and technology.

AKDC treats Kathak as a contemporary form and thereby transcends any ‘classical’ or ‘modern’ precepts to its approach. It believes the dance form ...(more)


Autumn Tour Confirms 

AKDC is pleased to announce autumn and some early 2015 touring dates.  The company continues to tour Yerma in the regions as well take it to international audiences for the first time, to Yerma’s origins, in fact, Lorca country - Andalusia. Mumbai is also a destination in December at the NCPA Centre stage Festival. 

In UK, we visit Newcastle with Gem Arts, Brighton Dome and Woking where we will work with Dance Woking. In spring we bring Yerma back to London and look forward to confirming further dates for…Read more

Jane Chan joins Yerma 

We are pleased to bring on board Jane Chan to replace Iris Chan in Yerma for the 2014/15 tour. Iris is taking a year out to complete her postgraduate studies at London Contemporary Dance School.

Jane trained in kathak from Amina at University of Surrey, and has been working with the company on other projects including the forthcoming full production of A Thousand Faces  to be premiered at mac Birmingham . She is also one of the main dancers for Amad.

AKDC returns to Hat Factory 

AKDC adds a new touring date to its production   A THOUSAND FACES - Feb 26th at The Hat Factory.  The return to this venue marks the success of the outreach work of Yerma in Luton, when the company was there last time, The Hat Factory is seen as a pivotal venue for AKDC to reach engagement with the targeted audience for its work. 

Venue details will be announced shortly.

Summer Intensive Kathak Course @ The Place 

Autumn 2018



The Hawth, Crawley

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